Roofing – Your 2020 guide to roofing your home

Strathclyde Roofing answer all your questions in our complete roofing guide. Read our comprehensive Q&A section below to get the answer to all your roofing questions.

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When do I need to replace my roof?

  • You should change the tiles after 30yrs if you have a tiled roof. If you have a slate roof, you need to check the condition of the internal boards and felt. In addition, this would need assessed on a regular basis after 30yrs.
When should I replace my roof?
Grey tiled roof

How long do roof tiles last?

  • Pre-cast concrete tiles usually need replaced after 30yrs. Have your roof inspected at least once a year for wear and tear.

How often should I get my roof checked?

  • Check your tiles once or twice a year to make sure none of them have slipped, broken or fell.

What is better, tiles or slate?

  • Tiles are a lot more cost effective than slates, however some styles of houses would not suit tiles. Slates have a longer life expectancy than tiles and often listed buildings and conservation areas will require a specific type of slate on your roof, without this, your new roof may not pass planning permission.

Do I need planning permission to change my roof?

  • If you change your roof using the same type of material you should not need planning permission, however, if for example, you have a slate roof and want to change it to tiles, you may have to contact your local council planning department if you live in an area with restrictions like a conservation area. You should get advice from your local roofing contractor.

Is it safe to clean my roof with high pressure water?

  • No. Unfortunately, a lot of companies who offer this service will wash and paint your tiles. The visible appearance of the roof may seem great initially, it’s hard to see the damage done beneath your tiles. Above all, the high-pressure water gets in between and under the tiles which completely ruins the protective layer of felt which is an essential component to your roofing system. Pressure washers are unsuitable for cleaning tiles. A safe alternative is to get a qualified roofing contractor to ‘manually’ clean moss from tiles using soft brushes and detergents.
Roof cleaned
Roof cleaned manually

How can I remove moss from my roof?

  • Never remove moss with high-pressure water and only clean roofs manually. Notably, the best time to do this is during dry weather when we can brush the moss of the roof.

Should my roof have vents?

  • It depends on the type of roof you have because if you have a tiled roof with sheets underneath like plywood or OSB, and your loft is insulated, vents will allow moisture to escape.

Can I change my boards without changing my tiles?

  • If your internal boards are damaged, they will have had water ingress, which means there is a problem with the tiles. Most importantly, get a qualified roofer to check your tiles to source the cause of the damage.

Can I change my roofline to pvc from wood?

  • Yes. PVC offers a maintenance free option for soffits, fascia’s and gutters.
PVC Roofline
PVC Roofline

What is nail sickness?

  • Roofers use nails to hold your slates together but over time these nails may become rusty and this causes slates to slip.

Can my ridges be re-mortared?

  • Yes, you can take old mortar out your ridges and replace it. Missing mortar on ridges and hips can cause serious water ingress. A modern alternative is to have the ridges replaced using a ‘dry’ system which eliminates the need to add mortar and adds ventilation.

Can a chimney be removed from my roof?

  • Yes, definitely, and if a chimney is no longer something you want, you can have remove it. Secondly, we will re-tile the area or slate it and you can even change the older style of chimney for a modern metal flu system.

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