What are the Different Roofing Materials?

Different roofing material types

Different roofing material typesDifferent Roofing Materials

Asphalt Shingles:

Asphalt shingles are most commonly used steep slope/residential roofing material used on roofs in Scotland and the rest of the UK. These often vary in quality and we can source them from many manufacturers for you. Strathclyde Roofing can also provide these in a variety of colours at a low cost. If you’ve thought about an asphalt roof then speak to us today, and we can see if this is the right roof for you or explain some of the other roof types we’ve listed below.

Wood Shake:

Wood shake shingle is the inspiration for the modern day asphalt shingles. Similar to the asphalt shingle, the wood shake overlaps each other making the roof or siding weather proof. Wood shakes often need more maintenance than newer asphalt or fiberglass shingles. An good thing about them though is the unique rustic look they give to a structure.

Slate Shingles:

Roofing your home with shingles? You’ll find these shingles are manufactured from a sedimentary rock. This rock can be split into thin sheets that are ideal for roofing shingles.


If you’re looking for a metal roof, there are many different types of metal roofing systems available. The types of metal used with available systems varies from zinc to steel, copper, aluminium, and tin. You tend to find this more on commercial properties


The tiles we use are often made from a traditional clay which is probably the most well known tile material it is not the only one. You can get tiles manufactured from many different compositions other than clay, so if you’ve got something in particular in mind, we are experts in sourcing it. These do provide roofs with a high quality looking finish and if installed and maintained properly, can last a long time.


If you have a flat roof then you may find that you’ve got a membrane product on there. Bitumen and thermoplastic membrane are just a few of the types of membrane.

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