Amazing rooftops with a view

Florence Cathedral Rooftop with a view

Amazing rooftops with a view.

A great thing about working on roofs can often be the view.

Roofing probably isn’t a great job for people who are afraid of heights but here’s some great rooftop views for us all to enjoy! This is why its great to be a roofer.


The stunning Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is pictured below. Istanbul is the bridge between Europe and Asia and this view of one of the greatest cities in the world captures it all.

Did you know Istanbul has been ruled by many different rulers and its previous names include Byzantium and Constantinople?

The link above shows some of the great views of Istanbul from some of the bars there and where you can find them!

Working up high gives us some amazing views.

Some of these pictures are incredible from roof tops around the world.

Have a look at some of these amazing rooftops with a view.


The red-brown tiled roofs in Italy and in particular, Florence are easily recognisable.

Some more views of Florence

The tall buildings standing alone in the fog might look like they’re alone in nature but they are likely part of a huge urban environment.

“I’d rather live in a cave with a view of a palace than live in a palace with a view of a cave.”

– Karl Pilkington

If you’ve got a roof like the one above, and the weather, then what a setup this is. Palm trees and a summer’s breeze to enjoy…. Therefore not something that is recommended by our roofers in Glasgow people!

As you can see, being roofers working on amazing rooftops with a view can be one of the best parts of our job.

Have you any great rooftop photos?

We want to see your favourite photos in the comments!

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